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Inbound 2018 Recap: Product Design + Email Automation

Posted by Elena Chow on Oct 18, 2018 12:30:00 PM




October’s Hubspot User Group (HUG) meeting was jam-packed with exciting announcements and insights! Led by Hubspot’s Marketing Manager Tova Miller, and Product Designer Tram Dao, the duo shared their expertise, knowledge, and favorite new product featured from Inbound 2018. Ready for the recap?  Let’s get into it!

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Hubspot Video

If you haven’t heard, video is the future of media. Here are some noteworthy stats as exclaimed by our speakers:

Those are wild numbers! The power of video is here, and Hubspot responded. At Inbound 2018, Hubspot announced their new platform-wide video product called Hubspot Video. For more information, see the presentation or click here!

Product Design

Speaking of products, no great product is ever released without undergoing meticulous and sound approaches. Tram quoted Steve Blank,

“Unless you have tested the assumptions in your business model first, outside the building, your business plan is just creative writing.”

Tram covers three experiments to run when testing your product ideas:

  • Imposter Judo
  • Wizard of Oz
  • High Hurdle

Check out their presentation below for a more in-depth look into their process.

Email Automation

At a marketing level, Tova walked us through a nurturing flow based on the strategy that gives people what they want, rather than assuming what they want.

From a workflow built in 2015, Tova and the marketing team explores the growth of a lead nurturing campaign that achieved an open rate of 67 percent and a click-through-rate of 61 percent by 2017. What changed?

“We decided that people were human. So we did something that was groundbreaking, remarkable and some might even say crazy.”

Curious? Check out the presentation posted below:



Q & A

How do you tell your videos are actually working?

Add a video to a landing page or blog post. When those videos start to get views a new "Views, and Viewer Retention" graphs will populate on the performance page for that given page or blog post.

Can you apply a workflow enrollment criteria based on percentage of video watched?

Unfortunately we can't do this. It's possible now with a paid Vidyard subscription.

Is it possible to embed Hubspot videos outside of Hubspot? If so, how do you  associate reporting with it?

Unfortunately we can't do this. It's possible now with a paid Vidyard subscription.

Vidyard vs. Hubspot video: How do you determine which package to get? What are the limits of each?

Our team is working on a blog post. Keep an eye out. Here's a good resource in the meantime: https://www.vidyard.com/hubspot-video-marketing/

Where can you place CTAs and forms within a marketing video? What's the roadmap for being able to put it anywhere in the video?

Today, pre and post roll only. We're working on more flexibility with CTAs + forms.



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Topics: Inbound, product design, email automation