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Master Workflows in HubSpot (March Meetup Recap)

Posted by Carrie Koos




For our March meetup, the Austin HubSpot User Group gathered to discuss a topic we could all use some help with and improve upon: workflows. Whether you're a HubSpot veteran or brand new to inbound marketing, your campaigns will benefit from utilizing workflows. 


Jaxzen Marketing Strategies presented workflow best practices and focused on three different strategies for using workflows and how to use them best.


Simply put, a workflow is an automated sequence of tasks that require a starting condition. You may use a workflow to send follow-ups emails after someone downloads an ebook or subscribes to your blog. Or maybe you use workflows based on certain dates and events. Workflows seem intimidating, but don't have to be too complicated. In fact, as we learned at the HUG meetup, the best workflows are the simplest.


Some questions we covered during the meeting include:

  • When should I use a workflow?
  • How do I move people further down the marketing funnel?
  • How do I use workflows to hand off leads to sales?
  • How can I integrate workflows into other marketing activities? 

The three main workflow strategies just about every marketer can use :

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Sales Hand-off
  • Event Management

To learn more about these workflows, check out the slide deck below. Be sure to save your seat for our next event!


Join us at the next HubSpot User Group

Topics: Meeting Recap, HubSpot Products