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Parker Short

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Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing With Facebook Ads in 2018

Posted by Parker Short on Feb 8, 2018 1:27:01 PM





You did everything right. You put out amazing relevant content, you made offers your customers opted in for, you even followed up with a perfect lead nurturing campaign. But it happened again. You lost another highly qualified prospect from your marketing funnel.

Why did this happen? It's because even extremely motivated prospects get overwhelmed with life and forget to fill out that form or follow up with your email.

So what is the solution? Is there a way to add additional touch points to your funnel without feeling spammy or overwhelming you customers' inboxes? 


Explode your funnel retention rate by integrating Facebook into you HubSpot inbound strategy. (For both B2C & B2B)

Social media is powerful, and you won't want to overlook it in 2018.

This week, Parker Short from Jaxzen Marketing Strategies shared some actionable steps you can take to enhance your Hubspot Inbound marketing funnel with Facebook ads. Using these tactics, you can attract a larger audience, help prospects move through your marketing funnel, and even help your sales team close more deals.

In the presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Think about Facebook in 2018
  • Start using Facebook ads in HubSpot right now
  • How to use HubSpot data to improve your Facebook advertising
  • Look at additional Facebook marketing ideas worth exploring

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Next HubSpot User Group meeting 

Next meeting will be on April 12th

Topic: To be announced 

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SXSW 2015 Panel Picker: cast your votes!

Posted by Parker Short on Sep 3, 2014 1:46:58 PM

Hi Austin HubSpot users! This week is the last chance to vote for panels you'd like to see included at SXSW 2015. Here are three great options for digital marketers (submitted by HUG members) that we'd love to see on the schedule next March: 

In order to vote, you'll have to create a profile, which takes under a minute. You can only vote for each panel once. Go ahead and do your part to see a great selection marketing-focused events at next year's SXSW! 


July Meeting Wrap-Up

Posted by Parker Short on Aug 6, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Thanks to everyone who came out for the July meeting- it was good to see you! John McTigue of Kuno Creative shared his thoughts on the buyer's journey, and where traditional lead-scoring methods could use rethinking. 

In case you missed it, here's John's summary of his presentation, which you can see in greater detail here

Marketers try to model buyer personas and the buyer journey in order to satisfy the needs of their primary stakeholders, the buyers themselves and the sales team. Simple buyer journey models like "awareness, consideration and decision" commonly miss the mark in b2b because the buyer journey is more complex, involving multiple steps prior to awareness and multiple buyer personas involved in the process. Trying to identify and plan lead generation and awareness campaigns for an overly simple model risks missing important opportunities to reach likely buyers at critical milestones in the buyer journey. Lead scoring approaches can be ambiguous with respect to sorting out these opportunities.

In this presentation, John recommends breaking up the buyer journey into four components- buyer persona & fit, engagement, journey stage and velocity that together answer questions like: 

1. Who is the buyer and how qualified are they?
2. How interested are they in what we offer?
3. How far along are they in the buyer journey?
4. When will they make a decision - soon?
Thanks so much for the valuable insights, John! 
In other news: since Austin’s HubSpot User Group has over 25 people registered for Inbound, we all qualify to get VIP status. That includes: 

- Expedited onsite registration 
- Reserved Keynote seating 
- Exclusive access to VIP Lounge 
- Exclusive Roundtables and networking 
- Complimentary drink tickets for INBOUND Rocks 

If you still haven’t registered, make sure you use the discount code AUSTINHUG14 so you can get all these great perks! It's good until September 1st. 
The August HUG meeting will be at Flying Saucer on August 28th. Tyler Dolezal from VisionWeb will be sharing how to set up an inbound marketing department organized by customer lifecyle. We hope to see you there!
Join us at the next HubSpot User Group     

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September Meeting Wrap-up

Posted by Parker Short on Oct 9, 2013 11:27:57 AM

Thanks to everyone who came out to the September meeting. If you haven't heard - we have a new website, courtesy of HubSpot! We'll be populating it in the weeks and months to come. And if you're interested in helping - feel free to reach out. We're all about getting people involved in the user group. 

We covered some email marketing tips and list segmentation ideas, which you can view in the deck here.

Our October Meeting is coming up on October 24th - Make sure to RSVP here

We'll be covering the recent changes from Google on keyword data and what that means for us as marketers. We're meeting again at the Flying Saucer for lunch. Hope to see you there!

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