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Keeping it in sync: how to plan your next HubSpot integration

Posted by Carrie Koos on Feb 24, 2017 11:30:00 AM



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In business, we all find ourselves looking for ways to be more productive and efficient as well as improve our collaboration with team members. This month, we had Austin HUG member, Nina Hendricks of TruJay Group present about HubSpot integrations and how they can help your team reach its goals. 


Trujay Group integrates and migrates data for businesses with the primary goal of making sure data is available when and where needed. They deliver quality integrations between all of the market leading systems and partner with Bedrock Data, Dell Boomi, Workato, and Scribe to automate ongoing data and product integration needs. 


In their presentation, Nina and her colleague Tyler McCombs share tips on when and why to consider using integrations for your business, best practices for implementing a new integration, and some interesting use cases they have seen with HubSpot integrations for inbound marketing and sales teams. 


 See their presentation below:



Save the date for these upcoming events!

March 23: “How to be a hero to your sales team” with David Weinhaus from HubSpot

April 20: “How to recruit, hire, and develop top inbound talent” with Brad Voeller of Digital Creative Institute


Join us at the next HubSpot User Group


If you're interested in sharing your expertise about inbound marketing, sales, or HubSpot that will help promote the mission of our group, please email Kelly for more information about presenting at an upcoming meeting.


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Take Your Landing Pages to the Next Level

Posted by Carrie Koos on Aug 29, 2016 12:00:00 PM




An effective inbound marketing strategy requires pairing content and context for your users—and landing pages are an essential part of that strategy. As marketers, we know landing pages are important. The question is, are we taking advantage of everything we can to make them more effective?

At the August ATX HubSpot User Group, Parker Short of Jaxzen Marketing Strategies shared some of the most effective techniques on getting conversions with landing pages, thank you pages, progressive profiling, and more.

Looking primarily at the Convert and Close stages in the Inbound Methodology, we learned about the important steps to take landing pages to the next level:

  • Convert more visitors on a landing page.
  • Move leads through the funnel more quickly.
  • Hand leads off to sales with more information.
  • Celebrate! 

  Find out more about taking your landing pages to the next level in the presentation below:

Don't Forget: INBOUND 2016 Contest

Use the code HUGAustin to get $50 off your Inbound2016 registration and the ATXHUG could win!

  • If 10 members use the code: Win a copy of an Inbound influencer's book
  • If 20 members use the code: Win exclusive HUG-branded swag
  • Group with the most codes used: Entire user group gets access to reserved, up-front seating during all keynotes and INBOUND Rocks!

Already registered but didn't use the code? Email kelly@jaxzenmarketing.com 


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How to Get Sales & Marketing Working for the Same Team

Posted by Carrie Koos on Jun 20, 2016 3:50:55 PM




Marketing. Sales. Two groups that can seem so close yet so far, far away.

Marketing is a bunch of creative weirdos living up in the clouds, says Sales. Sales is just after your money, says Marketing.

Where's the love, people?! It seems the folks over at ShipStation have found it.

For our June meetup, we had the privilege of learning from fellow Austin HUG members, Adam Singh and Cody DeArmond from ShipStation, a leading shipping and fulfillment software company. Adam and Cody shared some best practices they have learned on their own company's journey to acheive sales and marketing alignment.

At ShipStation, Adam is the Online Marketing Manager and Cody is the Manager of Trials & Acquisitions. Day to day, their goals may seem different, but they've worked hard to be sure at the end of it all, they're working together to reach a common goal to help their business succeed. And HubSpot has helped them do that.

Here are the four steps they took to align their Sales and Marketing teams:

  1. Standardize Funnel Stages
  2. Service-Level Agreement Implementation
  3. Daily/Monthly Reporting Dashboards
  4. Weekly/Monthly Sales and Marketing Meetings

Review their presentation below to learn more about their sales and marketing alignment process and how you can get sales and marketing working for the same team!

Additionally, ShipStation shared some valuable resources for your business to reach sales and marketing alignment, including some templates to help you get the process started. Get your resources below. 



Additional Sales & Marketing Alignment Resources from ShipStation:


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October Special Event Wrap-Up: The Best of Inbound15

Posted by Carrie Koos on Oct 26, 2015 11:07:02 AM

 Mark Kilens speak at Austin HUbspot User Group

According to GI Joe, knowing is half the battle. Last week, guest speaker Mark Kilens helped the Austin HubSpot User Group conquer that half of the battle with his presentation on the Best of Inbound 2015 and the latest launches from HubSpot. 

HubSpot Academy founder Mark Kilens walked the Austin HUG through some great new launches and updates from HubSpot and opened up the floor for discussion with HubSpot users to share their experiences and questions. This informative and stimulating conversation didn't end when the meet-up did. To keep the collaboration going, head on over to the Austin HUG LinkedIn group


HubSpot Ads Add-On

Contrary to much of what we think about inbound marketing, ads can actually be a good thing—if used the right way. After realizing 53% of its customers used ads this year, HubSpot got to thinking about where advertising fit into the Inbound Methodology. Turns out, ads can amplify the effect of great inbound marketing campaigns. 

Ads that satisfy intent and extend the reach of great content work with the Inbound Methodology.
Currently, HubSpot has ad options with LinkedIn and Google, and is reasearching what the next platform will be. 
Did you know with the HubSpot Ads Add-On you can:
  • Try HubSpot ads for free with a $100 LinkedIn ads credit
  • Create ad campaigns for multiple networks in HubSpot
  • Track what happens after someone clicks your ad
  • Know the exact ROI of an ad or keyword in HubSpot
  • Optimize ad campaigns for more profit (conversions= key metric)

HubSpot CRM + Sidekick for Business

What's new for the CRM and Sidekick for Business? HubSpot is working to make marketing and sales alignment better than ever. 

Did you know about these updates:

  • Contact Record Merge: Contact Record and CRM merged to provide standard expereince across sales and marketing platforms.
  • @Mentions: Mention a co-worker from any note space in the CRM.
  • Sequences: Enroll a prospect to receive a sequence of templated emails from Gmail or the HubSpot CRM.
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines: Set up separate pipelines for different divisions, teams, or products in the HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Reporting Add-On

One dashboard. All your reports. The Reporting Add-On is a centralized place to create multiple dashboards with custom reports for all your reporting needs. (And it's awesome.)
Did you know with the HubSpot Reporting Add-On you can:
  • Set different permissions for each dashboard.
  • Create funnel reports to show how your contacts are moving through different lifecycle stages. (Actually looks like a funnel!)
  • Choose from multiple categories of example marketing and sales reports from revenue reports to contacts reports.
  • Create reports with eight different visualization types.
  • Create up to 20 different dashboards with 10 reports per dashboard.
  • Filter reports by view or list to create highly-segmented reports.
  • Create any type of custom report based on persona, etc.


HubSpot Connect

How many apps and services do you use in addition to HubSpot? What if you could integrate all those programs and data into one place within HubSpot? Welcome, HubSpot Connect: a series of new integrations that bring data into one integrated platform. From GoToWebinar and Zopim to Zendesk and Wistia, whatever apps your company needs—there's an integration for that. 


Share Your Hubspotting Story

Lastly, Mark encouraged HubSpot customers to share their own stories. The articles published in the HubSpot customer blog are different from case studies. These stories are written by HubSpot customers to help educate other HubSpot customers. You can check out a story from one of our own Austin HUG members, Joe Robison! 

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the event. Let's keep the conversation going on the Austin HUG LinkedIn Group

If you're interested in reviewing Mark's presentation, view the slides here: 



What's happening next for the ATX HUG? Join us for a special Holiday Happy Hour!

Join us at the next HubSpot User Group

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Special HUG Event with HubSpot Speaker, Mark Kilens

Posted by Kelly Jackson on Oct 12, 2015 12:30:00 PM

Mark Kilens and Best of Inbound15 from Hubspot

HubSpot announced a host of exciting new product add-ons and integrations at Inbound15.

What does this mean for your business?

As HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan shared at the Inbound Keynote, “HubSpot is on a mission to bring inbound to everyone and make our customers’ lives easier so that they can focus less on reading through the lines of the technologies that power their businesses and more on the strategies required to grow their businesses. It’s about building seamless connections between platforms so that companies can focus on building seamless relationships with their customers.”

Since Inbound last month, HubSpot Academy has been hard at work developing resources to help customers take advantage of all of these new updates. HubSpot Connect has over 30 software integrations to help you seemlessly power your business. HubSpot also announced  Predictive Lead Scoring, Updates to the CRM & Sidekick, the Ads Add-On and the powerful new Reporting Add-On.

You don't want to miss the October 22nd Austin HubSpot User Group meet-up. Our special guest speaker, Mark Kilens, Founder and Leader of HubSpot Academy, will lead a discussion on all of these incredible new tools. Mark manages the team at HubSpot that produces all of the training and certification programsbe a part of this unique opportunity to learn from the top educator at HubSpot

Join us at the next HubSpot User Group


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