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How to Recharge Your Content Strategy for 2017

Posted by Carrie Koos on Jan 27, 2017 11:15:00 AM

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In the new year, we all want to set meaningful goals and make this year the year. If you're an inbound marketer who is always producing and promoting content, it can be easy to get caught in the rut of the same old content routine. This month, at the Austin HubSpot User Group meeting, we gathered with fellow inbound marketers in Austin to make a change in our lackluster content routines and give our content strategy a boost.


Improve and refine your inbound marketing content strategy in 2017

Parker Short from Jaxzen Marketing Strategies shared some key best practices to help group members reach their marketing goals this year and learn how to use HubSpot to help make that happen. In the presentation below, you will learn how to:

  • Create useful content.
  • Help your audience find you.
  • Set targets that help your marketing and sales teams reach their goals.
  • Measure the success of your marketing efforts.

In the meeting, Austin HUG members shared some of their company marketing goals for 2017, including increasing traffic, measuring the success of content, generating more leads, and adding more client-generated content to their content marketing calendar.  We also discussed some tools and best practices about how to set up your content strategy to help you reach those goals. (Pro tip: try using the calendar tool in HubSpot to view everything you have planned for the month including blog posts, emails, and social messages.)


Review the presentation below and let us know how you're going to recharge your content strategy in 2017! If you're looking for more about content strategy, be sure to check out HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing certification. 



Mark your calendars for these awesome upcoming HUG meetings!

  • February 23: "How to plan for your next HubSpot integration" with Nina Hendricks from Trujay
  • March 23: "How to be a hero to your sales team" with David Weinhaus from HubSpot
  • April 20: "How to recruit, hire, and develop top inbound talent" with Brad Voeller from Digital Creative Institute 

Interested in sharing at the Austin HUG? Get in touch with Kelly at Jaxzen Marketing


Want to join the conversation? Come see us in our LinkedIn group!

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Awesome Content Tools & Hacks to Use in Your Next Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by Carrie Koos on Feb 26, 2016 11:00:00 AM




Thanks to everyone who joined us for HUG Lightning Talks! We enjoyed a great meetup with fellow Austin HubSpot Users and shared some pretty sweet content hacks and tools. Special thanks to everyone who shared their tips with us! 

Want to know which tools your fellow inbound marketers are using to create and promote content? We put a list together right here:


Content Tools & Hacks


Content Planning & Strategy


  • Great for content calendar and mapping
  • Put content ideas on the requested topics card. Want to write on a topic or assign a topic to a team member? Attach the proper person to the card.
  • As content progresses through each step (production, review, etc), move your content card to the corresponding column. Get a visual for where your content is in the pipeline and a connected calendar to show what will publish when. 
  • Use checklists on the cards to stay on top of your tasks.
  • Mention a team member to let them know about an action or update, set board notifications, or subscribe to a specific card to stay up-to-date on every step of the process. 


  • Great for persona research
  • Think like a journalists—get out there to interview and learn more about your customers.
  • Find out why they purchased your product or service and gear content toward that.



Content Creation


  • Great for creating ebooks (fast)
  • Integrate with HubSpot to pull in all posts from your blog. Choose posts on your ebook topic and Beacon will put them into an ebook format.
  • Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and formats, or customize with your own touch.
  • Download a pdf version to put behind a landing page or get a cloud-linked version for sharing. 
  • Receive a HUG member discount of $190 off the annual agency plan price with code AG3NCY


  • Great for creating graphic images
  • Choose your dimensions and select from a variety of templates or start from scratch.
  • Use the simple tool to create images for blog posts, social messages, email headers, ads, SlideShare decks, and more. 
  • Access Snappa's wide selection of free, hi res stock photos. 


  • Great for editing content
  • Edit writing pieces for grammar mistakes, use of passive voice, too many adverbs, confusing sentences, and more.
  • Get an evaluation of your content's reading grade level.
  • Copy/paste your text right into the app and see what needs improvement.


  • Great for editing content 
  • Edit writing pieces for grammar errors and receive a brief explanation of the proposed edit
  • Click to correct mistakes in-app
  • Know if your content is authentic or if it's been plagerized (great if you use outside freelance writers)


  • Great for outsourcing projects or tasks
  • Search the gig database to find someone who will do the job you need (copywriting, graphic design, even sing Happy Birthday to your girlfriend)
  • Select a seller for the gig you want for just five bucks! (Gig prices vary, but many begin at $5 with options to add embellishments or expedite the process.)
  • Save time on projects! 


Content Promotion

GNU Social

  • Great for social netowrking
  • Use this as an alternative to the big social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and engage with a more targeted audience


  • Great for content promotion
  • Push your content to a platform outside of your own blog.
  • Experience a cleaner, simpler social experience compared to others like Tumblr and Bloggr
  • Say goodbye to spammy posts filled with dozens of hashtags. Medium controls its hashtags and limits articles to three each. 




  • Great for prospecting/sales emails
  • Add a personal touch to your emails and increase sales.
  • Nova adds enhancements to your messaging to increase email engagement. 


  • Great for scheduling
  • Schedule meetings without doing the back and forth, back and forth.
  • Send your colleagues and prospects your personal Calendly links (built off your availability) and they choose a time to meet.


  • Great for scheduling
  • Sit back as a personal assistant bot schedules your meetings for you. 

Product Hunt

  • Great for discovering new things
  • Discover the right tools you need for a specific project
  • Read testimonials about products and services before you buy

Hacker News

  • Great for tech trend-spotting
  • Keep up with the latest in tech news and discover trend predictions from the nerd experts.

Have some content tricks up your sleeve? We want to hear about them! Share your tips and hacks on our Austin HUG LinkedIn group


Announcements & Upcoming Austin HUG Events


March 22: Inbound Marketing Workshop at Vuka Coworking. Leave with a fully developed-inbound marketing campaign and a process you can repeat for your company in the future. HUG memebers use discount code ATXHUG. 

March 31: Deep Dive: Workflows We’ll send out a link to a page for you to submit questions.

May 18: Save the date: special evening event. More details to come!


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How to Plan a Content Offer Like a Pro (August Austin HUG Recap)

Posted by Carrie Koos on Sep 3, 2015 4:00:29 PM

A key element of Inbound marketing is the content offer. You offer your audience educational pieces of content and use elements like landing pages, email, and workflows to move move them through the funnel. Content offers come in all shapes and sizes and can be directed for the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. 

The Austin HubSpot User Group recently gathered to discuss some content offer best practices as well as put our heads together for those harder to develop middle and bottom of the funnel offers. Using our knowledge of Inbound Marketing and the guidance of HubSpot projects, HubSpot customers and partners in Austin were able to brainstorm some great ways to improve content offers and acheive results.


Austin AOMA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine shared an example of a bottom of the funnel offer where prospective students have the opportunity to schedule a campus visit. What offers is your business using to convert leads? 

A huge thanks to all who participated! 


Download a sample content offer planning worksheet here

Save the date for our next Austin HUG meetup on October 22, 2015—an event you don't want to miss! We're excited to announce our guest speaker for the October Austin HUG meetup, Mark Kilens, Founder & Leader of HubSpot Academy


Inbound starts in just a week. The Austin HUG will have lots of representation (and perks) in Boston. We hope to see you there! 

Join us at the next HubSpot User Group

Topics: Meeting Recap, Content Offers