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Take Your Landing Pages to the Next Level

Posted by Carrie Koos on Aug 29, 2016 12:00:00 PM




An effective inbound marketing strategy requires pairing content and context for your users—and landing pages are an essential part of that strategy. As marketers, we know landing pages are important. The question is, are we taking advantage of everything we can to make them more effective?

At the August ATX HubSpot User Group, Parker Short of Jaxzen Marketing Strategies shared some of the most effective techniques on getting conversions with landing pages, thank you pages, progressive profiling, and more.

Looking primarily at the Convert and Close stages in the Inbound Methodology, we learned about the important steps to take landing pages to the next level:

  • Convert more visitors on a landing page.
  • Move leads through the funnel more quickly.
  • Hand leads off to sales with more information.
  • Celebrate! 

  Find out more about taking your landing pages to the next level in the presentation below:

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From Subscriber to Sale: Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Posted by Carrie Koos on Jul 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM



What a summer treat we had here in Austin when we welcomed Principal Inbound Professor, Isaac Moche, to our Austin HubSpot User Group this month! Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Flying Saucer for this special event.


Isaac, creator of HubSpot's Email Marketing Certification, shared lead nurturing best practices for today's inbound marketers. From tips to trends, Isaac shared important, actionable insights and examples for nurturing leads throughout the lifecycle—from subscriber to sale.


If you missed out or want to catch up on the notes, see the slide deck below to review Isaac's presentation and some special announcements for HUG and Inbound16.



And a Special Announcement for Inbound16!



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See you next month for our HUG luncheon!


How to Get Sales & Marketing Working for the Same Team

Posted by Carrie Koos on Jun 20, 2016 3:50:55 PM




Marketing. Sales. Two groups that can seem so close yet so far, far away.

Marketing is a bunch of creative weirdos living up in the clouds, says Sales. Sales is just after your money, says Marketing.

Where's the love, people?! It seems the folks over at ShipStation have found it.

For our June meetup, we had the privilege of learning from fellow Austin HUG members, Adam Singh and Cody DeArmond from ShipStation, a leading shipping and fulfillment software company. Adam and Cody shared some best practices they have learned on their own company's journey to acheive sales and marketing alignment.

At ShipStation, Adam is the Online Marketing Manager and Cody is the Manager of Trials & Acquisitions. Day to day, their goals may seem different, but they've worked hard to be sure at the end of it all, they're working together to reach a common goal to help their business succeed. And HubSpot has helped them do that.

Here are the four steps they took to align their Sales and Marketing teams:

  1. Standardize Funnel Stages
  2. Service-Level Agreement Implementation
  3. Daily/Monthly Reporting Dashboards
  4. Weekly/Monthly Sales and Marketing Meetings

Review their presentation below to learn more about their sales and marketing alignment process and how you can get sales and marketing working for the same team!

Additionally, ShipStation shared some valuable resources for your business to reach sales and marketing alignment, including some templates to help you get the process started. Get your resources below. 



Additional Sales & Marketing Alignment Resources from ShipStation:


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Building HubSpot's Marketing Team: A Journey Through the Years, feat. Rebecca Corliss

Posted by Carrie Koos on May 25, 2016 12:23:11 PM


Last week, the Austin HubSpot User Group hosted a special event with HubSpot's Director of Marketing Team Development, Rebecca Corliss aka Repcor. After some great networking time, the ATX HUG gathered around to hear from a true HubSpot veteran— when your first job at HubSpot is creating a music video about inbound marketing, you really can't get more legit than that. 


Rebecca took us on a journey into HubSpot's marketing team through the years—from the founding philosophy to the evolving team structure, hiring priorities and methods, and more.

After eight years at HubSpot, Rebecca has learned a thing or two. She, along with the HubSpot marketing team, has had her fair share of ups and downs, challenges and victories. Ultimately, her tenure at HubSpot has taught her how to determine priorities for inbound marketing efforts—and she shared those findings with us.

Rebecca's unique insight as one of the original marketing team members at HubSpot showed us how the team has scaled over the years—including those early wins and those that didn't work out so well. Her presentation brought a lot of value for the mix of mid-size businesses and startups who were in attendance.

Trying to scale your team for growth? Check out Rebecca's presentation below about building a world class marketing team!


Hear from some of the Austin HubSpot User Group members about the event: 
"What was your biggest take away?"
  • Start small go big.
  • Good group with a great exchange of ideas. Excellent presentation.
  • Encouraging to be part of something bigger than our little group.
  • That not all was a success, but they learned from their failed projects to make it work and that they used past strategies often.

More about Rebecca:

Member of the HubSpot team since 2008, Rebecca Corliss has seen the company grow from fewer to 50 employees to over 1,000. Today, Rebecca leads Team Development and Culture for HubSpot's renowned marketing team. She's set her focus on growing a team of exceptional marketers and developing leadership to scale the organization.

Previously, Rebecca managed HubSpot's lead generation group, accountable for 50,000 organic leads per month for HubSpot's sales organization. Rebecca also constructed HubSpot's original Inbound Marketing University, what's known today as HubSpot Academy certification programs.


Want to be a part of something bigger?  
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Building Emails That Get the Job Done (Feat. HubSpot Academy Professor Isaac Moche)

Posted by Carrie Koos on Apr 29, 2016 2:05:28 PM




The Austin HubSpot User Group is growing! We hit some record numbers for registration and attendance—thanks to all who made it out to the event. 

For this month's meetup, we had a special guest from HubSpot join us remotely to share about building emails that get the job done. Isaac Moche is a professor with HubSpot Academy. He's the lead instructor for HubSpot's Email Marketing Certification Course due to release in May. You can pre-register for the free course here

Following Isaac's presentation and Q&A on email best practices, the group reviewed some email examples of their own. In a workshop-style discussion, HUG members offered constructive feedback to their colleagues.

Be sure to review the slide deck below for valuable insights about creating emails that get the job done! We will see you next month for a special event with HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss.

 Building Emails that Get the Job Done- Austin HubSpot User Group from JaxzenMarketing


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