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Facebook Ads: Your Inbound Program's Secret Weapon

Posted by Carrie Koos on Apr 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

facebook ads inbound hug.jpg


Ads: can they really be a part of an inbound marketing program? 

In this month's HubSpot User Group meeting, Parker Short of Jaxzen Marketing Strategies shed some light on how social advertising, particularly Facebook ads, fits into the inbound methodology and how you can use these ads to help engage customers at every stage of the buyer's journey. 


Learn more from Parker's presentation below:


Read more about using Facebook ads in your inbound marketing program:


Upcoming Events

  • May 18: “How to recruit, hire, and develop top inbound talent” with Brad Voeller of Digital Creative Institute
  • June 22: Building your email list with Jenna Fortunato of JustUno

Amazon Dot Contest

We’re giving away an Amazon Dot for some of our most regular attendees! You’ll be entered into the contest once for every meeting you attend between the April, May, and June HUG meetings. We’ll draw a name after the June meeting. See you there!

Austin HubSpot User Group Events

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Ask Me Anything with Justin Champion

Posted by Ben Murray on Apr 17, 2017 11:14:22 AM
Justin Champion AMA-1.png
We had Justin Champion from the HubSpot Academy join us last week for an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the Austin HUG Slack team. There were so many great responses that we thought we’d share them so you could access these key insights on content creation.
Q: How’s the road trip going?
A: Amazing! My wife, Ariele, and I left Front Royal, VA two weeks ago – since then we’ve traveled through six states, and we’re currently in an RV park near downtown NOLA. A few days ago we were on the Gulf Shores of FL. My on-demand wifi made it possible for me work from the beach. Wow, just wow.
Q: That sounds wonderful! What is your favorite brainstorming method for coming up with new content ideas?
A: Going on a walk with a notepad. I like to brainstorm ideas on my own first, then review them with people – ideas become stronger based on the feedback of others. Also, leave time to reflect on your ideas. It can take me up to 1-2 weeks to fully flesh out an idea. This is because I have time to refine and challenge an idea to make sure I’m not selling myself short.
Q: That’s great advice! Any tips for how to write/produce in-depth content for a client in an industry you don’t work in? How do you go about immersing yourself in the correct jargon so that your content resonates with people in that industry?
A: Great question. Identify thought leaders and pick their brains. Not only will you get great content, but you'll build a promotion path by including others in your work. Inbound links FTW!
Q: Piggy backing onto that question- Justin, what are your thoughts on writing content in which you are not a subject matter expert?
A: Research, research, and more research. Definitely connect with others that have the knowledge you're looking for. That's a great starting point. Know enough to be dangerous (i.e. asking the right questions, putting together an outline). You don't have to be the subject matter expert, but you have to know enough to get the content you need.
Also once you create an initial piece of content, really try and stretch the value out of it. For example, a blog could lead to an ebook, could lead to a webinar, and so on. Repurposing is a content marketer’s best friend.
Q: On that note…. about how many different ways do you try to repurpose a piece of to get maximum value? For instance, let’s say I wrote a long-form blog post, which I then turned into a series of blog posts, which I then turned into an ebook… how many more ways should I aim to present that same content before it becomes redundant?
A: Think of repurposing as telling the same story through a different lens. I go for impact. For example, repurpose a blog into a video and post it to youtube. There's no limit to the amount of repurposing content. I use the ACE method which we'll talk more about at the workshop. (Get details on the workshop here)
Q: Great stuff! So what are some of the SEO benefits of pillar content?
A: The biggest benefit is it solves for the human (website visitor) as well as the machine (search engine bot). Search engines love quality content – their job is to provide the most relevant answers for what people are searching for. If you take the time to consistently write and connect like-themed content together with links, then it’ll pay off in the long run. For example, I created a comprehensive guide on creating a DIY truck camper and connected all relevant blogs to this page. The result? My organic traffic doubled in less than 5 months and I’m on the first page for the broad term “DIY truck camper”.
PS: that truck camper is coming with me to Austin
Q: How do you come up with the names for your trucks and campers?
A: My wife and I are Southerners. We both grew up in rural areas of Virginia. Our truck is named after George Strait, the king of country. Before I worked at HubSpot, my wife and I worked on the digital team for VF Corporation, and Wrangler Western was one of our clients. After going to numerous rodeos and country western events, the culture grew on me. Even with this, the names of our fleet came to us. We didn’t rush. We waited until the right name came to us, reflected on it. If it stuck, then we kept it. Dorothy (aka Dot) is named after Ariele’s grandmother – she was a sassy and sweet lady, just like our Airstream.
Q: If you’re a George Strait fan, you need to visit Gruene Hall when you’re here next week!
Do you use tools like HubSpot page performance report and blog analytics to help you find topics that are resonating and can be further expanded?
A: I’m in! I do [use those tools]. HubSpot makes it easy to do initial research for content I'm looking to create. I also do research on Google to see what content exists on a specific topic as well as buzzsumo to understand the engagement of that content. HubSpot is releasing a content strategy tool later this year, which I'm super excited about. It's a solution to help research and organize content creation.
Q: My business partner and I have just started (last week) down the path of content creation. One of our biggest challenges -- we think that we have a decent idea of who our buyer personas are, but honestly don’t have good enough data and intel at this point to make well-informed decisions. We’re debating whether it’s a better idea to write content to a broader audience at first to try and find out who specifically is out there (and paying attention), or if we should get tactical and narrow our focus based upon the information we currently have.
I realize it’s tough to speculate with such little context; we’re most curious about your thoughts on writing for a broad audience vs. getting tactical.
A: I definitely understand that pain point. Before you create content you need to determine 1) content mission statement (why you're creating content), 2) buyer persona's (who you're creating content for), and 3) buyer's journey (what does a buyer persona experience from not knowing who you are to becoming a customer)
Try talking to the sales team to get a sense of the people who buy your products/services and who don't. Knowing this could give you a starting place for content creation as well.
Q: In the content marketing classes you talk about spending as much or more of your time promoting content as creating it. So, you've just published a blog post. Now what? What are your typical next steps for promoting that content?
A: Oh, boy, we could go on for hours on this topic. To start, focus on the channels where your audience spends their time. There’s no use in posting to LinkedIn if it’s not a valuable channel for you. A few of the strongest places to start: 1) create a series of valuable snippets for pre-defined social posts, 2) send an email to your current relevant contacts or include the blog in your next newsletter, 3) find ways to connect that blog to your content via links, 4) repurpose the content into a new format, like a video (not only will this help enhance the blog post experience, but it’ll also help claim another search result if you post the video to a channel like YouTube), and 5) comment marketing – be helpful on other people's sites by answering questions. Then plug your content when you feel you have the opportunity to (don't just insert the blog post initially as you need credibility).
Q: Any idea when Hubspot will get instagram integration for analytics?
A: I'm not aware of a the timeline at this time. It depends on the API integration with instagram. I do know we're making progress though on social integrations.
Q: What's the future of content? Will it always be blogs? What else is emerging?
A: The written word will not go away. I don't see blogging going away anytime soon. The future of content is spanning though, which is why you'll see blogs like the sales lion have a post that also has a video and an audio file. The best thing you can do to equip yourself for the future is becoming a storyteller and spanning the message across multiple channels, especially social media. Social media will continue to rise and only become more competitive.
Thanks so much to Justin for giving such great advice! Be sure to join us this Thursday morning as Justin leads a workshop all about creating pillar content. Click the button below to learn more and sign up!
Austin HubSpot User Group content workshop

How to be a Hero to Your Sales Team

Posted by Carrie Koos on Mar 24, 2017 1:56:35 PM

March 2017 HUG (1).jpg


This month, we had the extra special privilege of having HubSpot legend David Weinhaus join us for our HubSpot User Group to talk about sales enablement. If you're in marketing, you've probably heard the term, but not all of us actually know what it means. David, resident sales enablement expert, explains it this way:


Sales enablement is marketing helping sales do their jobs better through content, training, and analytics.  


David walked us through both sides of the relationship between marketing and sales and how we need each other to do our jobs well. Through some simple sales enablement solutions, we can provide valuable support to our sales teams.


Learn more in David's full presentation below:


Save the date for these upcoming HUG events!


HUG Meet-ups at the Flying Saucer:

  • April 27: “Facebook ads: your inbound program’s secret weapon” with Parker Short of Jaxzen Marketing
  • May 18: “How to recruit, hire, and develop top inbound talent” with Brad Voeller of Digital Creative Institute
  • June 22: Building your email list with Jenna Fortunato of JustUno

Special Half-Day Workshop Event: 

  • April 20: Pillar Content Creation Framework Workshop with HubSpot's Justin Champion (get tickets!)


Austin HubSpot User Group content workshop


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Keeping it in sync: how to plan your next HubSpot integration

Posted by Carrie Koos on Feb 24, 2017 11:30:00 AM



hug feb 2017.jpg


In business, we all find ourselves looking for ways to be more productive and efficient as well as improve our collaboration with team members. This month, we had Austin HUG member, Nina Hendricks of TruJay Group present about HubSpot integrations and how they can help your team reach its goals. 


Trujay Group integrates and migrates data for businesses with the primary goal of making sure data is available when and where needed. They deliver quality integrations between all of the market leading systems and partner with Bedrock Data, Dell Boomi, Workato, and Scribe to automate ongoing data and product integration needs. 


In their presentation, Nina and her colleague Tyler McCombs share tips on when and why to consider using integrations for your business, best practices for implementing a new integration, and some interesting use cases they have seen with HubSpot integrations for inbound marketing and sales teams. 


 See their presentation below:



Save the date for these upcoming events!

March 23: “How to be a hero to your sales team” with David Weinhaus from HubSpot

April 20: “How to recruit, hire, and develop top inbound talent” with Brad Voeller of Digital Creative Institute


Austin HubSpot User Group Events


If you're interested in sharing your expertise about inbound marketing, sales, or HubSpot that will help promote the mission of our group, please email Kelly for more information about presenting at an upcoming meeting.


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How to Recharge Your Content Strategy for 2017

Posted by Carrie Koos on Jan 27, 2017 11:15:00 AM

jan 2017 HUG (1).jpg


In the new year, we all want to set meaningful goals and make this year the year. If you're an inbound marketer who is always producing and promoting content, it can be easy to get caught in the rut of the same old content routine. This month, at the Austin HubSpot User Group meeting, we gathered with fellow inbound marketers in Austin to make a change in our lackluster content routines and give our content strategy a boost.


Improve and refine your inbound marketing content strategy in 2017

Parker Short from Jaxzen Marketing Strategies shared some key best practices to help group members reach their marketing goals this year and learn how to use HubSpot to help make that happen. In the presentation below, you will learn how to:

  • Create useful content.
  • Help your audience find you.
  • Set targets that help your marketing and sales teams reach their goals.
  • Measure the success of your marketing efforts.

In the meeting, Austin HUG members shared some of their company marketing goals for 2017, including increasing traffic, measuring the success of content, generating more leads, and adding more client-generated content to their content marketing calendar.  We also discussed some tools and best practices about how to set up your content strategy to help you reach those goals. (Pro tip: try using the calendar tool in HubSpot to view everything you have planned for the month including blog posts, emails, and social messages.)


Review the presentation below and let us know how you're going to recharge your content strategy in 2017! If you're looking for more about content strategy, be sure to check out HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing certification. 



Mark your calendars for these awesome upcoming HUG meetings!

  • February 23: "How to plan for your next HubSpot integration" with Nina Hendricks from Trujay
  • March 23: "How to be a hero to your sales team" with David Weinhaus from HubSpot
  • April 20: "How to recruit, hire, and develop top inbound talent" with Brad Voeller from Digital Creative Institute 

Interested in sharing at the Austin HUG? Get in touch with Kelly at Jaxzen Marketing


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